Welcome to the Bill Roberts Ladies Golf Association! All interested women are invited to join our League (of any level)!

League Dues are $30 and are due ater the 2nd time you play league, no later than July 1st. Not required for play unless competing for prizes. Handicap cards for $25 are required and available at the Pro Shop. For event details please see any of the officers.


  • Check-in begins at 4:45 PM on Thursdays beginning April 28th
  • Check in by 5:20 PM as tee-off time is 5:30 PM
  • Play is 9 holes each Thursday
  • Each Thursday ALL golfers are asked to check in at the Pro Shop, where your holes will be assigned
  • If you want to play with certain people, one person may sign up for a hole assignment (remaining persons must still check in upon arrival)
  • Most nights there will be stroke play over nine holes
  • Players will compete by flight for 1st place – gross score and 1st place – net score
  • There will also be a special event each night with winners announced for the event
  • Dinner specials are available and may be preordered in the Clubhouse to be hot and ready to serve after your round (447-1603)
  • Watch for weekly drink specials!
  • Invite a friend to join you!


  • President: Sue Bannon - Cell: 461-5287
  • Vice President: Sarah Sampson
  • Secretary: Sherry Kosena  
  • Treasurer: Katie Majerus
  • Sports Committee: Kathy McDonald, Pat Therriault, Sheila Hill, Sue Court, Tessa Bailey

LGA Schedule:

April 27 – League Get Acquainted Scramble
May 4 – League League
May 11 – League League
May 18 – League League
May 25 – League League
June 1 – League League
June 8 – League League
June 15 - League League
June 22 - NO League INVITATIONAL
June 29 - League League
July 6 – No League Holiday
July 13 – League League
July 20 – League League
July 20-22 MSWGA State Tournament @ Laurel
July 27 – League League
August 3 - League League
August 10 - League Cats/Griz/Saints Night
August 5 Gre-Bill Tournament (GMCC)
August 6 Gre-Bill Tournament (BRGC)
August 17 - League League
August 12-13 Club Championship
August 24 – League League Championship @ 1pm (18 holes)
August 31 Derby